If you get any of the warnings like below as an example..

`Warning: Unexpected method ‘gpg’ called on Cask mysqlworkbench.`
`Follow the instructions here:`
`Error: Cask ‘yed’ definition is invalid: invalid ‘depends_on macos’ value: unknown or unsupported macOS version: :mountain_lion`

If you get an error of the type , where can be any cask name, and any macOS release name, run the following command:

/usr/bin/find "$(brew --prefix)/Caskroom/"*'/.metadata' -type f -name '*.rb' -print0 | /usr/bin/xargs -0 /usr/bin/perl -i -pe 's/depends_on macos: \[.*?\]//gsm;s/depends_on macos: .*//g'

This will remove all references of installed casks (where it doesn’t matter anymore anyway).

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I recently upgrade my Mac OS Sierra to Catalina and realize that the mongoDB was not usable in Catalina, somehow `brew update` and `brew upgrade` did not update the mongoDB to be able to run on Catalina. Below is a guide to fix it. …

Trick to Copy Local Gems update upgrading Ruby

$ rbenv local ruby 2.7.3


$ rbenv local 2.7.4

$ gem install $(cat my-gems)

pip freeze | cut -d = -f 1 | xargs -n 1 pip search | grep -B2 'LATEST:'pip freeze --local | grep -v '^\-e' | cut -d = -f 1  | xargs pip install -U

latest python version are using `pip2` , please refrain from using pip if you are on version 2.7.13 and above.

Here’s an intelligible one-liner solution that does all the right things: removes duplicates, preserves the ordering of paths, and doesn’t add a colon at the end. So it should give you a de-duplicated PATH that gives exactly the same behaviour as the original:

PATH="$(perl -e 'print join(":", grep { not $seen{$_}++ } split(/:/, $ENV{PATH}))')"

It simply splits on colon (), uses uses to filter out any repeated instances of paths except for the first occurrence, and then joins the remaining ones back together separated by colons and prints the result ().

Having trouble learning git? start with Git Flow.

I created an example for you to use git flow below.

but firstly you need to have gitflow installed on your computer.

do brew install git-flow

then follow the rest of the tutorial below.

Gitflow Tutorial

set -o verbose
set -o errexit

echo '* Create and…

Connecting to MongoDB using Mongo

We can connect to MongoDB databases in various ways:

$ mongo simpli_user
$ mongo
$ mongo db.yoursimpli.com/simpli_user
$ mongo

in this case we are connecting to a database called simpli on localhost, on a remote server, or on a remote server on a…

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